WHY Bother With Healing? And WHERE to start?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Why bother with healing? Because it makes us stronger. We have the capacity to heal, it’s wired into our bodies. But first we must have the courage to get present with the pain. Of course, if you are in a relationship with a therapist, you should check in with them first. There is so much of it, pain. The pain of being treated as less because of our skin color, gender, abilities, or sexual orientation. The pain of the toll that systemic racism takes on our bodies, our families, and our communities. The pain of knowing that justice is a luxury not afforded to too many of us. The pain of not being seen, accepted, or valued for who we are. It can be overwhelming. And perhaps more overwhelming is dealing the consequences of not looking at it. When we choose to look at the pain and be with it, our bodies, minds, and hearts will guide us towards what we need. In the middle of a pandemic, we don’t need to dig very deep to find the pain. It is out there, all around us. And it is compounded by the realities of systems of oppression that aggravate all pain. The pain is real. The struggle is real. For those of us freely choosing to make a difference in the world, choosing to heal societal wounds, choosing to design a new future; it is a MUST to do the work to heal our own wounds. Pain that is not healed, is transferred. It is not only our right, but also our responsibility to do the work to heal our wounds. While sometimes helpful and often advisable, I don’t always need someone external to me (shrink or a priest, friend or a foe) to make progress in my healing journey. I can choose to get on the driver seat of my healing journey. It is a divine gift how our bodies are wired for healing. Anyone who’s had a child or survived an illness can speak to the miraculous power of healing already built within our bodies. It is a journey, healing. It is not a one-time event. It never ends, because even when we manage to liberate ourselves from oppressive systems, life and love will bring pain of its very own. That we will suffer is a fact of life, and though unpleasant, it is part of the blessing of being alive. It serves as a reminder to cherish the innate joy that our bodies of culture contain and are able to access. Our pain and suffering grows our compassion and ability to be with another in their pain. By silencing or numbing our pain, we allow it to fester. By looking at it and dealing with it, we heal and transform it. In this series of articles and videos, I will share a number of different modalities for advancing self and collective healing. I have been a student of feelings and emotions since an early age. My sensitivity to the pain in the world, long considered a curse, now a blessed gift that tells me about what is really important in the world around me. I invite everyone on this collective healing journey. And I also invite other healers to join and share their wisdom. We hold the collective wisdom to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our world. Let's access it! Where to start? Right here, we got you!