The Erasure of Black Women: Awareness, Action, and Healing

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

By Christie A. Cruise, PhD -

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most of us to make significant changes to our routines. For many of us, shelter in place orders have encouraged resuscitation of old projects and have motivated us to commence projects or activities that have lingered on our to-do lists for much longer than we had planned.

I have taken to watching more television than I would care to admit. I justify this newfound pastime by reassuring myself that there are worse things than the Hallmark Channel and Home and Garden Television (HGTV) I could watch. HGTV provides me with a mental vacation by allowing me to live vicariously through house hunters looking to buy property in the Caribbean and Mexico while the Hallmark Channel, with its often predictable yet strangely insightful plots, provides me with hope for finding a compatible partner.

I may be one of few people who watches the commercials during a television show’s intermission instead of taking a bathroom break or refilling on refreshments. In all my television watching I have noticed a disturbing trend. Commercials, especially those selling products that appeal to couples and families, are often missing Black women.