About Us / The year 2020 has clearly demonstrated our connectedness, our shared humanity, as well as our shared vulnerability. While drastic change can create fear and confusion, it can also offer the unprecedented opportunity to rethink our ways of living, healing, and working.


By reconnecting to that which we know to be true about ourselves, our people, and our world's natural wisdom, we can reconnect with our own humanity.  We hold the power to rebuild a society that does not compromise our health, our humanity, or our shared values in order to create abundance, beauty, and joy.

We are a collective of indigenous, black, and brown healers, activists, coaches, consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs contributing to the world the wisdom from our ancestors. We believe that by liberating our voices, we will create a movement for healing ourselves, our relationships, and our world.

Our shared values include:​​

  • We believe in the inherit value, power, and wisdom of Indigenous, Black, and Brown voices

  • We create spaces where all identities can show up and contribute as their full selves, without assimilating to dominant culture in order to be heard and valued

  • We believe in the inherent goodness of humanity, our ability to learn from mistakes, and our power to forge a different future for ourselves

  • We reclaim the goodness of the spirituality of our ancestors, and honor the choices they made in order to make it possible for us to be here today 

  • We affirm our faith in a creative power greater than ourselves, which goes by different names according to culture and context

  • We abide by a deep commitment to sharing tools and wisdom to heal relationships with ourselves, others, and our environment

  • We strive for collaborative problem-solving and collective ways of living

Contributors / Meet the team transforming the world through self and community healing. We have contributors from around the world who submit all types of content.  In addition, we have regular contributors whose voices are driving forward conversations about healing.

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Hello and welcome!  I am a dreamer of big dreams, informed by the wisdom and audacity of my ancestors.  My life passion is building legacies of collective healing and abundance for our global family and Mother Earth.

I am the founder of BridgePeople LLC, a racial equity and peace-building consulting firm, and I am also co-founder of The Healing Collective.  I have been building cross-cultural relationships around the world for over 20 years, and hold a steadfast commitment to our shared humanity. I firmly believe that absolutely everything is possible through love and courageous dialogue. 


We are always looking for content contributors! Contact us at healingcollectively@protonmail.com if you would like to submit a blog post, poetry, video, interview, story-telling or anything else that advances our collective healing.


Richael (they/them) is a multi/inter-disciplinary folk healer, facilitator, creative, and lawyer raised in Virginia and DC. Richael is a skilled space-holder, wisdom-keeper and strategist for movement groups, locally and nationally. They hold over a decade within the healing justice movement as a former organizer, and has been shaped by queer Black feminist lineages.


Richael commits their time in the healing arts as a folk healing practitioner within the conjure tradition, healing culture facilitator and consultant, writer and essayist, performance artist, radical lawyer, among other roles. They are eager to deepen conversations on themes of reparative justice and other futurist lens around resources and where they go.


Carolyn is a seasoned racial equity strategist and facilitator, with a strong focus on healing and relationship-building. She has numerous years of experience supporting community, non-profit, and government leaders in addressing racial equity disparities at all levels, from individual to structural disparities.  She has a deep commitment to promoting racial healing, advancing justice and liberation, and creating cultural change.

Carolyn enjoys many activities, including cooking, making cosmetic from natural products, gardening, walking in nature, and spending time with friends.