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I know it in my soul that Indigenous, Black, and Brown voices hold the native, sacred, and ancestral wisdom that will heal and restore our world. Together we are called to build a global and inter-generational legacy of healing and abundance for all.

Author's note: I wrote this post in October, but did not have the courage then to share it. I am keeping it and sharing it in order to provide full transparency to the imperfect and non-linear process to bring this labor of love to life.

Autumn has arrived. With its dry, crisp, cool air, and the reminder of the natural cycle of death and rebirth, endings and new beginnings, pointing its way towards Winter.

While changing seasons are very beautiful in the region where I live, I am not a fan of cold weather. I makes me uncomfortable and dries my skin and throat. It also brings about a sense of melancholy and gloom. If I had chosen for myself, I would probably live in the tropics, with its steady and glorious sunny days, heat, and humidity. However, I did not choose for myself, I have surrendered most of my big choices to where I feel God, Great Spirit, my inner Divine Light, my Source, my C