New World Mantra Offered by Richael Faithful

We have entered a new world. It’s true that this new world has emerged over decades as the destruction of other species’ habitats brings on a surge of new diseases. It’s also true that radical free market capitalism, which relies on systemic “shocks,” has decimented decent living for so many of us across the globe. Our new world, introduced by COVID-19, is our most calamatious encounter yet with ideologies that value individual profit over our collective well-being. This was never sustainable and never intended to be. The problem, now, is that we have to live--and heal--through it.

The toll of this period can’t be known, though it’ll be heavy and hard. I’m preparing, in my role as a death doula, to accompany many through grieving. The individual, communal, and collective trauma from these events will be enormous, and it’s cruel to pretend otherwise.

And, as adrienne marie brown invites us, in a recent interview on rushing toward apocalypse, “see both the wild wrongness in so many of our current structures, and the wild possibilities if we apply our visioning, organizing, earthling selves to the conversation and pattern seeking.” adrienne reminds us, wildness doesn’t distinguish between problems a