We envision a global ecosystem of awakened

Black & Indigenous healers and wisdom keepers 

lovingly and joyfully leading seekers towards

our collective liberation and abundance.

The following values are at the core of our work. 

Embodying Spirituality

We connect to the parts of ourselves that exist beyond our temporal bodies, tapping into what has and continues to unite our humanity.


We hold unconditional high regard for ourselves and others, knowing that we must love each other into who we truly are.


We commit to unlocking the freedom, expansiveness, and possibilities inherent in all human beings.

Deep Connection

We foster authentic, reciprocal relationships as a foundation for accountability and trust.


 We know play is our birthright and a portal to ease and fun.

Image by veeterzy
Image by veeterzy


We curate community spaces for healing and learning that promote Black & Indigenous traditional wisdom and spiritual practices.

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