Frequently asked questions

Why The Healing Collective?

The Healing Collective emerged from a desire to co-create spaces to capture and share traditional healing practices to redress racial and social harm and trauma. While systems of domination affect the majority of people regardless of ethnicity or culture, Black and Indigenous communities globally are the most marginalized and harmed by the dominant culture. Instead of viewing our communities as victims or recipients of charity, we affirm and honor their value as keepers of the wisdom and healing practices that will allow everyone to survive and thrive.

The Healing Collective's vision is a community of HEALED people enjoying ABUNDANCE and healing our world. Our mission is to harvest WISDOM from our own communities to equip members with TOOLS for healing and financial independence.

What are systems of domination?

Systems of domination or systems of oppression have been developed over generations by those in power in order to divide, control, and exploit the rest of the population. They redistribute resources from the many, for the benefit of the few. Wealth and power tend to be accumulated through the exploitation of labor of the working and poor classes and also the occupation of indigenous land and resources through violent state-sponsored means.

White supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism, imperialism, predatory capitalism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, adultism, religious intolerance, mass incarceration, and unjust legal systems, are all examples of systems of domination or oppression. These systems operate at the individual, inter-personal, organizational, institutional, and structural or systemic levels. It is impossible to dismantle systems of domination at the systemic level, without first addressing the ways in which we have internalized and adopted the features of these systems at the individual level.

Why center Indigenous and Black people?

Systems of domination affect people of all backgrounds, however Indigenous and Black people have the longest history of sustained, dehumanizing, and harmful oppression in the United States. However, Indigenous and Black people have also developed coping strategies and accessed ancestral wisdom and healing practices to help them survive horrendous systemic violence at the hands of our government and society at large. We are still dealing with the legacies of Indigenous genocide, land theft, and the enslavement of African people that are at the core and foundation of systems of oppression in the United States. They differ from other groups of People of Color, in that Native Americans are the only group forcibly removed from their lands for a protracted period of time, actively slaughtered, and treaties broken by the government time and time again. African-Americans are the only ethnic group to ever be legally enslaved in the United States, and were considered as 3/5 of a person in the American Constitution. African Americans are the only ethnic group to require multiple amendments so as to be considered a citizen and vote, and the only group to suffer from protracted inter-generational discrimination, exclusion, harassement, and terrorism. Neither Indigenous nor Black people are immigrants to the United States, as all other groups. Native Americans are the original occupants and carers of the land, and African people were forcibly kidnapped and trafficked to the American continent, and other regions. While not all Black people in the US are descendants of enslaved people, everyone from the African diaspora at large gets treated in discriminatory manners by our society. In other countries, particularly in colonized and occupied territories, these systems of oppression take different forms. While The Healing Collective is a project with roots in the United States, its desire is to create a global movement of healing and financial independence for anyone living under oppression, anywhere.

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